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How to write resume

When students write a master’s thesis

The thesis is written a whole year throughout the 2nd year of study. During this time, the student is invited to undergo pre-defense. When the draft is ready, the student chooses the date from the proposed leader, and prepares for the pre-defense. After passing the pre-defense, the student, if necessary, makes adjustments to the work and presents it to his supervisor. In recent years, a rule has emerged that all works are uploaded through specialized portals of educational institutions. On such portals also set the time for download. After this period, access to the download is closed.

Basic requirements for the thesis

The main and most important requirement for the thesis is uniqueness. It should be at least 80% of the text. As you know, the larger the text, the harder it is to make it absolutely unique. If we are talking about a dissertation in economics, the main difficulty here is that there may be language in the work that cannot be replaced by a unique text. THAT is, it is assumed that in addition to such formulations, as well as formulas, calculations, definitions, the rest of the text should be 100% unique.

Uniqueness is verified by interested persons in your university. Sometimes an outsourcer is involved in this business. He banishes the entire text of the work through a special service, which ultimately gives a percentage of the uniqueness of the work. The result he provides to the customer. If the result does not meet the established standards, then the work will be sent for revision. In this case, the student will have to independently run the work through the service, which, by the way, is paid. But in order to avoid such problems, it should be initially assumed that the thesis should be unique, at least 80%.

The procedure for registration, writing and defense of a master’s thesis must be approved by the relevant order of the educational institution within which the dissertation is submitted.

Initially, select the theme of the course work. The list of topics for the student is provided by his supervisor. If a student decides to change the topic of the thesis, or to paraphrase an existing topic, he will have to write a statement in the name of the supervisor. Next, the head agrees to change the topic and gives a statement to the department. At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account the deadlines, since it is possible to change the topic of work only in certain periods.

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