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How to write a good resume

If you are reading this article, then you are standing in the way of preparing a master’s thesis. Surely you were puzzled by the fact that you will have to write a review of the supervisor yourself. You might also think – why should I write a review if the manager should do it himself? We are forced to assure you that the fact that you yourself write a review of the supervisor is quite normal, because in almost 100 percent of cases this is the case.

The fact is that in this way your teacher can trust you, because he knows that you will write a review in accordance with all established standards. And from a lot. Let’s look at an example of how you can write a review of a supervisor to a master’s thesis.

How to write a review to the master’s thesis

Review should be unique and competent. The optimal volume is an A4 sheet. At the very beginning of your review, you must give it a name. It will be optimal to write6 “Review of the supervisor of the candidate for a master’s degree in the direction (here you must write the name of your specialty), the faculty (the name of the faculty is written here)” Further the full name is written down surname and patronymic.

Next, the manager must write a direct review text. It would be ideal to start by highlighting years of study. For example, “a student  studied in the magistracy from 2011 to 2014. Year, of course, should take topical for you.

Next, you should again indicate the name of the specialty and faculty. Moreover, note that you should not abbreviate the name.

The next section of the review – a list of positive qualities of the applicant. For example, a teacher may write that a student, during his studies, showed himself only on the positive side, did not violate the training regime, regularly attended classes, and was distinguished by special achievements.