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How to include in a resume

Review should be unique and competent. The optimal volume is an A4 sheet. At the very beginning of your review, you must give it a name. It will be optimal to write6 “Review of the supervisor of the candidate for a master’s degree in the direction (here you must write the name of your specialty), the faculty (the name of the faculty is written here)” Further the full name is written down surname and patronymic.

Further attention should be paid to the fact that the applicant in good faith adhered to the schedule of defense and thesis preparation. All corrections and improvements were made in a timely manner. You can focus on the style in which the work is written. For example, a teacher may write that the applicant used not only the scientific style, but also added literary notes to the presentation.

It is necessary to point out that the material of the work does not cause any doubts in its authenticity, and also will bring a significant contribution to science.

The following is a conclusion. The teacher can write that all the facts given in the review give reason to believe that the applicant deserves the highest mark, as well as awarding him the title of Master of Science in the chosen specialty.

Further it is necessary to bring the data of the head. They are written in a column with alignment on the left edge of the page. It contains the title and position of the teacher. For example, doctor or candidate of science, full name of the teacher.

Mandatory is the signature of the supervisor. Therefore, you must write a review text and send it to your curator for signature. If the text is correct and complies with all established norms, the teacher will put his resolution on it.

We are forced to assure you that the fact that you yourself write a review of the supervisor is quite normal, because in almost 100 percent of cases this is the case.